Wednesday, July 09, 2003


Everywhere there are petals
tulips on the kitchen counter
daffodils along chain link fence rows
crocuses drifting onto the bedside table

Did you know
a tulip continues to grow after cutting
to search out the gentle nuzzle
the pollinators foot and butt and tongue
it grows and opens wider wider
enticing the bee the ladybug the fly
fulfilling its responsibility to spring

this demanding season
requires our attention seeks our notice
so it might
fulfill its obligation to summer

some years spring passes undetectable
there is no brilliant spectacle of hope
no apple petals to shower city streets
some years there is only numbness
illusion unforgiving
the stamens naked and yellow as the sun

but if conditions are favorable
there is early spinach arugula
snow peas strawberries
if conditions are favorable
that is the gardener remembers
remembers to order seeds and
the seeds get planted in the brief
and intervals between showers and wet snow
if the gardener forgets
there still might be
radishes and volunteer aliums
spearmint run amok

Everywhere there are tulips
littering the floor the sidewalk the yard
gold against the bare linoleum
red as blood beneath a healing wound.

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