Thursday, August 21, 2003

I've been away and apologize for not posting.

Farm Shares
The corn has ripened and the last three weeks have seen massive amounts of fresh produce. The rains have been plentiful and fortuitous in their occurrence, since our farmer has only primitive irrigation capacity.

This week's bag included

17 ears of corn
4 pounds of tomatoes -- cherry, yellow and beefsteak
Chinese eggplant
Patty pan squash (mmmm)
Yellow squash
Green peppers

We have had pesto and fresh tomato and basil on pasta and tomato and buffalo mozzarella and basil. August is the beginning of the high season for putting food by. We will roast tomatoes with garlic and freeze them. Make pesto and freeze it. Soon it will be time to make jams.

Even though I have been on vacation, I have noticed that George Bush is still president. John Ashcroft is stumping for the USA Patriot Act and Don Rumsfeld is in Columbia stumping for drug control and, I suppose, peace in our time. I'm trying to understand why Bush is president, why we put up with his scary cabinet, reactionary policies and increasingly ill fated policies in Iraq and Afghanistan. Elements of our economy are in deflation, unemployment is high and our civil liberties are seriously in danger. If we are not willing to consider that George Bush is a danger to the world, what will it take for US citizens to decide George Bush is a danger to us? Is there no sense of enlightened self interest? No energy to think deeply about what constitutes the common good? Our current situation is why so many citizens think the vote is meaningless. What will it take to make enfranchisement meaningful again ... and powerful?

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