Friday, November 14, 2003

Not Writing For So Long

Writing has its rhythms, just as the garden, the forest and war. I write this with the intention of writing regularly, but not daily. My goal is three days a week -- Friday night, Monday night and Thursday -- in order to respect the more reflective nature of late fall and early winter. You can comment on this blog at Thanks for your patience.

Thinking About War

I have been thinking a lot about the war, the ongoing violence, the loss of life and what it means to be a soldier. What it means for us to say we are supporting our troops. Supporting who in doing what? This is a complex and sensitive topic that I have been thinking about in the last month. I want to give enough time and thought but I think now is the time to write. So watch this space later today.

In the meantime, consider this. We have no idea how many Iraqis have died during the conflict nor since Bush declared “victory”. We only hear the Iraqi body count when they have been killed or injured in a car bombing or other action by those resisting the occupation. It is typical of an occupier to value the lives of the occupied less than the lives of the triumphant conqueror killed trying to bring peace to a place he (and now she) doesn’t understand and doesn’t seem to want to understand.

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