Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Chance “Mr. Chancey” Johnson (cat)

1988(?) to June 22, 2004
Chance, the chancellor of catdom, chancellor my chancellor, of late more respectfully known as Mr. Chancey, died today after a brief illness. He was either 17 or 18 years old. He is preceded in death by his lifelong companion, Okra, who was an exquisite and mysterious creature in her own right.

Mr. Chancey came to live with me after a visit to the Animal Rescue League. He was all black except for a small spot of white on his chest. His eyes were green. He was underweight which gave him a regal Egyptian appearance. He also had a pronounced overbite for that fierce fanged look. Hence his slim chance of being adopted. But upon meeting he put his skinny little front legs around my neck and we became friends.

He soon exhibited his love of the company of any being, except a dog, and for kibble – his or Okra’s, preferably both. This, overtime, led him to acquire a rather magnificent girth.

In his later years he enjoyed excursions outdoors and meetings with the neighbor, Spot. He liked to lie in the grass and was a vigorous purrer. After becoming diabetic and then treatment with homeopathy he lost weight, got off insulin and enjoyed his final months eating tuna and napping. Mr. Chancey was a prodigious napper.

He is survived Bessie, the cat (who recently lost her person—see obituary for Virgil Johnson), Brownie, the dog (they got along eventually) Pat and me.

Internment will be next to Okra under the compost pile. Memorial cherry trees will be planted later. Calling hours by arrangement.

“Mr. Chancey, he was a big guy.”

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