Thursday, July 15, 2004

Upcoming Events

I have fallen out of my blogging habit again so I will reaffirm my commitment with this short post on upcoming events you might be interested in.

Billie Jean Young will be offering performances of her one woman show Fannie Lou Hamer througout the greater Boston area. This is the 40th anniversary of Ms. Hamer's appearance at the Democratic National Convention and a delegation is making a weeklong pilgrimage from Ms. Hamer's home in Ruleville MS to the convention in Boston. Ms. Young will be appearing at the Boston Social Forum on Friday night, July 23 and throughout the next week at Bromley-Heath, Freedom House and in South Boston. I will post specifics when I have them. I believe most of them are in the evening.

Speaking of the Boston Social Forum, I will be doing a workshop on Friday on Philanthropy, its history and social change (I think). It's listed under Pat Maher's name in the schedule.

As some of you might know, there was an awful brawl among White and Asian youth in South Boston this past Sunday night. One child, Bang Mai, was beaten and stabbed to death. He was a friend to some of the young folks I work with so I have asked one of them, Rethy San to write about what his friends are saying about the event and how they feel about what is happening. Hopefullly that will be up by this weekend.

The cherry trees are in. Next is moving the compost pile and planting strawberries.

What we got from the farm:

New potatoes (so wonderful)
green beans
basil (the season of pesto has begun)

Now I'm late for ESL. More soon

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