Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Brownie "The Brown Dog" Johnson, April 15, 1995 to April 14, 2008

Brownie "The Brown Dog" Johnson died on Monday, April 14, after a short illness.  He was thirteen years old.

Brownie came to the pride living on Estrella St. in 1996.  He was a one year-old Spanish speaking yard dog who, after blasting his considerable winter coat revealed himself to be a lithe, muscled, lab/shepherd mix.  On early morning walks his brown gold coat was resplendent.  He soon became known for his love of carpet, his ability to open locked gates, and most notably, his prodigious and absolutely  indiscriminate appetite.

He was born to ride, traveling frequently to his person's home house in Akron, OH.  He experienced America on trips from Maine to the Gulf Coast and Massachusetts to Missouri. 

He had many friends in his Codman Sq. neighborhood, including  Bella (of happy memory), Mr. Finley, Cheesy, and especially Curry, the forlorn pit bull.

He is preceded in death by the pride -- Okra, the cat who civilized him, Chance, who tolerated him, and Bessie, Virgil's cat, who didn't mind him, for a dog.  He is survived by his humans, Rebecca and Pat, and Babycatt (who sensed his imminent passing and immediately began sleepng in his place on the bed) and a throng of admirers, former walkers, sitters and friends.  

Brownie's family would like to acknowledge and thank his life-long friend and erstwhile vet, Stephanie Borns-Weil; and Dr. Karen Komisar DVM who through her homeopathic ministrations probably kept his tired liver going longer than we will ever know.  

Dog-gerel (to the one abandoned for graduate school)

Everyone calls him Brownie
No, it's Mr. Brown
I say, everyone calls him Brownie
He growls, I'm Mr. Brown
Bruno disrespects him
Ted always tears him down

Mr. Finley was a good friend
Now he's long gone
Well, Mr. Finley was a good friend
But he done left this town
Brownie would'a gone with him
Ramble the whole world round

There's one who wants his favor
Curry is his name
You know, the boy jus wants his favor
Curry is his name
He pines for Brownie's freedom
Lord, break these prison chains

Old Curry, Ted and Bruno
(that rascal Rudy too)
I say Curry Ted and Bruno
(rascally Rudy too)
Hear that Brown dog coming
Yelp "Take me on that walk, do!"
Feb. 14, 2007

I have been told someone is waiting for the Brown Dog on the other side of this existence, waiting with a bamboo pole in hand and a really nice fishing hole in mind.  Brownie, you and Virgil have a good time.  You hear boy?

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