Monday, April 28, 2008

Campaign '08: What Has Faith Got To Do With It?

All of a sudden it is all about faith, all about what faith inspires us to do.  And this is why I am a lousy blogger.  There is too much happening too fast.  I am still ruminating Obama's Super Tuesday Speech but everyone else is two or three scandals, "misstatements" and serious misgivings ahead of me.  

I started thinking about the gospel that Obama alluded to or actually quoted in his Super Tuesday victory speech with the intention of writing about it immediately but I needed to know more about him, his community organizing experience, what he believed.  Then there was the Jeremiah Wright problem.  Hmmm.  I got to hear James Cohn for the first time in years.  Reverend James Cohn, the author of a Black Theology of Liberation.  Then there was the "bitterness" comment.  And today there was Jeremiah Wright, at the National Press Club, with the revelation that the Black Church is different from the White Church, even if the Prosperity Gospel crowd would like to deny it.

I found myself wishing I knew if Obama agreed with his former pastor.  Because I agree with much of what Rev. Wright said today.  I occasionally return to Rev. Cohn's work, even though I am no longer a practicing Christian.  Because a liberatory Christ makes Christianity conceivable.  Because as a practicing Buddhist in a tradition that was transmitted West primarily by privileged White people, I still experience some Insight Meditation settings as a throw back to that Sunday experience of the most segregated hour -- and I am on the wrong cushion, in the wrong hall, because I am the wrong color.

So I will finally write about the Super Tuesday speech because it alludes to much that should give us hope for at least radical thought informing Obama's campaign, if not actual radical speech or action.  I will write about it, but not tonight.  There's a bit more to think about first.

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