Friday, October 31, 2008

Crock Pots for Obama

The neighborhood based Get Out The Vote Campaign is organized in Red, White and Blue teams.  I am not sure which one we canvassers are on but the folks who feed us are the White Team. Every day a half dozen crock pots show up filled with great Midwestern delicacies -- sloppy joe, mulligan stew, hashes with various ingredients and many other dishes containing ground meat.  There is also a can of what I have taken to calling Ohio Gorp -- honey nut Cheerios, pretzels, chocolate and butterscotch chips, and raisins -- delish!

The White Team is just one example of the intricate organizing that has gone into, and continues as the election draws near.  In the coming days we will move out of the main headquarters into neighborhood based staging areas to do intensive canvassing.  Our army of crock pots will follow as we try to make every vote for Obama count.

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