Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shouting Obama to P-Funk

MLK Day was spent in the various 'hoods of my identity.  First to Anacostia for the exhibits at the Anacostia Community Museum -- Jubilee and Black Baseball in the District -- and then up the hill to the BZB African Art Gallery for Obama-bling shopping.  Those of you expecting trinkets will be well pleased.  Down hill we found great stuff at the Clara Muhammed School.

After freshening up I headed to the Kate Clinton Sage The Capital event at Du Pont Circle.  I wanted to be at a queer event.  It was crowded and free but the Saging was a little retro, if well-intended. It started with throwing shoes at a giant Bush blow up doll, which the crowd enjoyed immensely.  I felt like the white urban shaman lady went on a bit long and her whole thing seemed out of sync, but it was good to see Kate and Urvashi and to dance with friends, including Abe Rybeck from the The Theater Offensive.

Followed Abe to a part that turned out to be Internationalists, policy wonks, Non-profit social change folks, and artists from several continents.  A friend called it B-list but for me it was perfect.  That was one happy crowd.  The dancing started early and by the time we left the crowd was grooving to P-Funk and shouting Obama, Obama, Obama.  Yeah.  One happy crowd. 

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  1. It's so great to get these updates from you! I just checked out your twitters, too. Oh, the crowds. Oh, that complicated smell of sage. Oh, the dancing.


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