Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tomorrow is Earth Day

Tomorrow is Earth Day, be kind to your dirt, that is fortify the soil in your immediate surroundings.  Where do you think food comes from?  At least the stuff that grows, consisting wholly of itself (thank you Michael Pollan), the magical metamorphosis of the stuff of dirt and sun into spinach, peas, yam.

Compost your yard waste (if you have one) or table scraps (not meat! not milk! not cheese!) or steal off to the closest cemetery and dig up the leafy masses moldering at its forested edges. Take a garbage bag or three, fill them and then high tail it to some abandoned place near your home.  You urban dwellers know what I'm talking about.  Scrape away the shattered glass, the invasive knotweed, the remains of the murder memorial.  Take a long handled hoe and loosen up the poor neglected dirt.  Add your offering -- leaf mold, some peat moss, a bit compost from your very own bin -- and go away.  Leave it to the seeds on the wind, or tucked in a squirrelly cheek.  Leave it to world.  Something is bound to grow.

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  1. Beautiful. My love brought me a chive plant in a trike planter and the tender first lettuce.


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