Sunday, May 10, 2009

So Who's In Control at FEMA?

We are coming into the fourth hurricane season since Hurricane Katrina and the first one of the Obama administration.  I remember the commitment President Obama made to not repeat the mistakes of the previous administration, especially in the area of disaster preparedness and the care for those who have survived natural (and unnatural) disasters.  Then candidate Obama even issued a fact sheet and plan.  You all know I love myself some Pres. Obama but I am deeply frustrated by the actions of FEMA in relationship to the ongoing post Hurricane Katrina housing crisis in the Gulf region.

On Wednesday FEMA announced they were taking all of the trailers back without providing additional housing or addressing the gross and ongoing inadequacies of their response to the needs of Katrina survivors.  

So I wrote our new president.  You should do the same.  I wrote because I am confident he will respond, and because I'm a community organizer.  What can I say? It's automatic.

Here's what I wrote:

Please stop the ongoing stress for Katrina survivors through their displacement from FEMA trailers.  The lack of accountability and control of FEMA is disheartening to those of us who voted for Pres. Obama and unconscionable (that is Bush-like).  

Don't just keep old Bush administration unfulfilled promises, make new ones that meet the needs of a people in desperate straights, and be accountable to the Katrina survivors and their fellow citizens who are concerned about their welfare.

I will be in NOLA next week working at the 7th ward neighborhood house and joining in any protests happening to force our government to speed the recovery of displaced/homeless Katrina survivors rather than continue to hinder it.


Rebecca Johnson

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  1. I was in the 7th ward today for the Mother's Day second line. Brought 7 of the 23 students that are here with me from Canada doing some rebuilding work (last week in St. Bernard Parish and this week coming in the Lower 9th). 7th ward seems like a really vibrant community.

    I am worried about this hurricane season. The heat this week coming is intense and is going to heat up the Gulf again which will lead to bigger and bigger storms.



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