Wednesday, January 20, 2010

One Way To Think About The Coakley Loss

I have been on a conference call with Organizing For America.  Amidst the morale building -- such community, everyone all over the country helping make calls, 2.3 million calls made -- one analysis seemed credible to me: think of this in the same way we thought of the primary losses during the presidential campaign of 2008.  I think of those defeats as instructive, a course correction, and cautionary moments for the Obama campaign.  Maybe Martha Coakley's loss to Scott Brown will serve the same purpose.

My analysis of Martha Coakley's loss rests more on the general unwillingness of Massachusetts voters to elect women to high office, Coakley's personal reserve, and Scott Brown's Manly Man masculinity campaign messages.  If Martha Coakley had gone to Bruin's games, described her work in law enforcement terms and invoked the possibility of terror attacks every third sentence then maybe she would have won.  Or maybe Mass Dems should run an affable, out lesbian, former Marine reserve officer for the next statewide or national office.

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