Friday, January 15, 2010

Waiting for Water

Haiti is about 906 miles from Disney World. You would think the U.S. military and world relief agencies could get water delivered less than 1000 miles from "the most powerful country in the world." Relief agencies haven't been able to air drop water and food because they fear riots. Maybe they are waiting until people are too weak to riot.

Fear seems to be a recurring theme in dealing with the people of Haiti. Fear of riot, fear of youths with machetes, fear of the black body but fascination with it dead and dusty in the street.

Or is it just me? What have you seen in the press coverage that makes you uncomfortable?

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  1. Someone I know, Kelli Dunham, who is a nurse and ex-nun who has lived and worked in Haiti (she's also a lesbian and a professional comedian), just posted a response to racist media coverage about people's suffering there now that I really appreciated, and thought you might as well. It's not just you, Rebecca. No way. Here's a link.


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