Saturday, January 16, 2010

Worse Than The Tsunami

I received this in an e-newlsetter from Oxfam:

"The scope of this disaster – and the amount of time and resources it will take for Haiti to recover – are coming into focus. John Ambler, one of Oxfam's staffers working around the clock on the Haiti response, put it this way: 'This is much worse than the tsunami. The infrastructure during the tsunami was not destroyed. People could help their neighbors. In Haiti, everything is gone.' "

I don't doubt it except I know from news and anecdote that people in Haiti are helping their neighbors and helping rescuers to help their neighbors. That's because Haitians, like all people in disasters, seek to restore their own civil society as quickly as possible, appreciative of the outside help I'm sure, but also aware it is their earth that is broken, their fellow citizens in pain.

In spite of this odd characterization of Haitian citizens, I still encourage you to give donations through Oxfam America

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