Friday, April 16, 2010

Louisiana DEQ Should Be Ashamed of Itself

There are a bunch of environmental justice groups gathering throughout the Gulf Coast this weekend before Earth Day.  An Environmental Justice Encuentro is being hosted by TEJAS in Houston. Communities struggling with oil refinery violations are  meeting with the Louisiana Bucket Brigade organizing a refinery neighbors accountability campaign. And Mossville Environmental Action Now went to meet with DEQ, as respondents to a CNN interview, and weren't allowed into the building.

Yup, citizens of Louisiana made to stand in the sun for hours,  locked out of a publicly owned building at their own state capital.  Because the director of the Department of Environmental Quality couldn't face citizens who are suffering from the state of Louisiana's refusal  to admit to the environmental pollution its citizens (did I mention that these folks are citizens of the state of Louisiana) endure on a daily basis.

Mr. Edgar Mouton (left) & Mrs. Dorothy Felix (above) were among the MEAN members locked out by DEQ.

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