Sunday, April 11, 2010


My "The Wire" loving  friends are all abuzz, and I have to admit I am a bit excited, about the return of David Simon to television.  I am mostly a consumer of television junk food and I have yet to complete the ritual viewing of all five years of The Wire.  What excites me is the possibility of applying the excellent writing and impressive sensibility of that earlier series to the New Orleans neighborhood of Treme'.  And of all the characters on The Wire Wendell Pierce as the homicide detective Bunk Moreland is my absolute favorite.  His character has the chunky good looks and fine taste in clothes of many of the men in my life growing up.  And he is an amiable drunk, which goes a long way with me since many of those same men were not so agreeable when under the influence.  And since I continue to work on a manuscript about the lives of such men -- factory working, Great Migration colored men -- it's good to be reminded of their essential qualities (the fine and the base) in a respectful, artfully presented way.

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