Wednesday, May 05, 2010

60,000 Barrels

Just as Dr. Wilma Subra had predicted, the estimates of oil flow from the Gulf catastrophe have proved to be wildly unpredictable.  BP suggested earlier today that 60,000 barrels are flowing right now and warned Congress that as many as 2 million gallons (100,000 barrels) could flow into the Gulf of Mexico if  they aren't able to cap the broken well.

Local folks (100 regional activists, fisherfolk, funders and concerned citizens), through the leadership of Derrick Evans of Turkey Creek Community Initiative (MS) and the Gulf Coast Fund and Amber Valentine of the Fund, are strategizing to monitor effects of the oil spill, organize the most effective local responses possible and to advise everyone of the health effects of the spill on humans and the ocean.

Part of this monitoring includes holding BP to the legal agreements that gained them access to the oil drilling leases they now possess.  These agreements include how they will manage local relationships when an emergency occurs, how compensation for losses will be handled and environmental rules they must follow.  On May 2 an Alabama court ordered BP to withdraw volunteer charter agreements that, among other things, required volunteer fisherfolk to indemnify BP against any mishap that might happen while people are volunteering.  You can view the charter agreement and other legal filings here.

Oil Spill Trajectory through Friday morning.

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