Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Hurricane Katrina Vigil -- 5 Years and Still Waiting Part 1

I like vigils.  It is one of my favorite ways to prepare for a holiday of saint's feast or a friend's birthday.  It can be a contemplative time.  In some African-American churches the faithful get together on the vigil of the New Year (December 31) to pray in the coming year.  And of course we keep vigil at the time of death.

From Salt Spring News, BC 8-29-2010
It's a whole other thing when one is waiting for promises to be fulfilled or injustices to be remedied.  This kind of vigilance can lead to frustration, anger or great community action.  All forms of vigilance accompanies the 5th Anniversary of Hurricane KatrinaThe Katrina/Ritaville Express, a former FEMA trailer, will be touring Gulf coast communities to remind the world of what was lost, what was promised and what promises are yet to be fulfilled.  Today they are at the Survivor's Village  in the St. Bernard Community of New Orleans to educate President Obama about what it feels like to wait ... and wait ... and wait. 

This week why don't you join Gulf coast residents and Katrina exiles in their hopeful vigil and righteous struggle for their homes, lives and communities?  I sure will.

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