Thursday, February 03, 2011

Safe School, Better Education

Kelley Williams-Bolar has sought to clarify the reason she removed her children from the Akron, Ohio public schools.  It was not because she was seeking a better education for her daughters.  Ms. Williams-Bolar has stated she was seeking safety for her children, a safer school.

 I certainly want to respect Ms. Williams-Bolar's distinction but also point out that a child (or anyone) learns better when she feels safe. Safety for a parent -- and I'm not sure if this was the case for Ms. Williams-Bolar -- includes knowing that there are after-school activities and good supervision for your child between the time classes end and the parent(s) arrives home from work.  What constitutes a safe school and a good education is more complicated than test scores.

Conservatives who are calling the events surrounding Ms. Williams-Bolar's conviction "the Rosa Parks moment" for education probably don't want to spend the additional money to help the Akron Public Schools and the Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority (the owner of the unit where Ms. Williams-Bolar currently lives) meet the critical needs of students and parents for safety, flexibility, and quality education.

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