Monday, July 25, 2011


Foundation Detail
I haven't talked about this much but I have been planning to move back to the homeland of my birth, Akron Ohio.  A week ago at 3 in the morning we -- Pat, 2 cats and I -- arrived at our temporary home on Grand Ave. Our possessions arrived 7 hours later.  Our permanent homes will be on North Maple St.  These will be straw bale houses.  More on these choices, Akron, straw bale houses, leaving Boston, in future posts.

Soon there will be a change in Urban Ecology's masthead.  My everyday bird in this urban ecosystem is the robin.  They have nested in the bushes next to our porch here at Grand Ave, similarly, they nested on the porch at my parent's home (of happy memory) on Storer Ave.

This just came to my attention.  The Women's Health & Justice Institute in New Orleans has issued a statement on the demeaning practice of criminalizing poor women's lives as an excuse for deficit reduction.  Check out Stereotypes, Myths and Criminalizing Policies: Regulating the Lives of Poor Women.

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  1. Congratulations, Rebecca! Welcome home. Looking forward to reading of your progress. Best of Luck to you all! John


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