Saturday, August 13, 2011

Let's Get Y'all Caught Up

Yes I'm in Akron, OH, living temporarily on a red brick street and a relatively new generation of trees. I've attended one of the local mediation groups, been to a dance performance at Glendale Cemetery (watch for a future, published --I hope -- article on this) and re-joined the excellent public library.

I do enjoy the more serene pace of this place and while I miss the diverse colors, accents and languages of Boston, I have to say,  being back among my kind of colored folk,  Great Migration elders and their progeny, makes me very happy.  In a land of a lot of straightened hair people have been very kindly toward my unprocessed and unruly hairdo.

There are some Boston things I miss - our CSA, VanGuarden Farm and little pick up co-op called VeggieGals, the Boston Globe comic page, our front yard full of flowers and of course, numerous friends and those who, only what a young friend back east described as "old skool lesbians", constitute family.

I'm thinking about black youth and organized violence (WI and Philly), the British riots and the ludicrous reactionary policy of the Brits to evict the families of rioters from social housing (they learned that from us), and the extremes of Gay marriage -- leave Bert and Ernie alone -- and wouldn't it be better if Sesame Street was encouraged to have muppets advocating for social and economic security for everyone, regardless of the legal privileges of marriage (and divorce).  More on some, if not all of these subjects soon(ish) I hope.

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  1. Welcome home, Rebecca. A sustainability architect friend of mine is quite interested in the progress of our house made of straw. He refurbished a 17th century house, added solar and is now net zero. I love the concept.

    Take good care,


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