Monday, October 31, 2011

Food Day is Every Day in Albany Georgia

There have been many food and hunger events this past month.  World Food Day was October 16. National Food Day was Oct. 26.  Of course we need to pay attention hunger and access to good food more than a day, week or month each year, but October has also been Farm to School month and one of my favorite organizations in the whole world, The Southwest Georgia Project, have been working with local farmers and the Dougherty County School System (which includes Albany, Georgia) to bring locally grown produce and healthy meals to students.

The Southwest Georgia Project for Community Education has been organizing for social change, civil rights and economic justice since 1961.  They have focused on black land loss, rural black women's development and strengthening southwest Georgia's food system.  Many organizations have begun focusing on issues of food security in low-income communities. SWGA understands the complex factors leading to food insecurity -- land loss by local producers, the focus on commodity crop production rather than a diversified agriculture, producer access to farmer markets, and organizing to address  in Department of Agriculture's historic discrimination of African-American farmers in Georgia and throughout the south.

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