Friday, June 01, 2012

Environmental Justice News and Actions

I'm back in Ohio looking forward to a summer of writing, tweaking my History of Health Care course for the Sarah Lawrence College Health Advocacy Program and clearing vast amounts of undergrowth in my woods (my woods! I hadn't thought about it this way until now) as construction continues on my land.  I will also be tracking EJ developments. 

Potential Fracking Areas in OH (
As many of you know, Ohio passed one of the most regressive pieces of environmental legislation in it's recent worst in the country Fracking law, allowing health and safety loopholes, the gas industry will pay very little and, according to "Doctors will be prevented from talking openly about the sickness they see in their patients, and the gas industry will keep profits flowing out of our communities."

Marie Gunnoe Contemplates A Mountaintop Removal Site (
Mountaintop Removal is the topic at the Natural Resources  Committee of the House of Representatives.  OVEC's Marie Gunnoe is testifying before a rather hostile Republican committee.  This is in anticipation of the upcoming End Mountaintop Removal Week in DC.  Be prepared to call your Senators and Representatives on June 6. 

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