Monday, October 22, 2012

Last Two Weeks -- Make Everyone's Vote Count

Akron Preparing to Welcome the President
Two weeks and two days from now the young people at the local West Akron Obama for America office can stop getting up early and going to bed late, eating irregularly and not well (although I am told our office has the best food in the area) and courting us volunteers who want to help in the effort.  I want to make sure our dedicated Obama-ites have a really good sleep on November 7 (and a fine victory party on Nov. 6) so I have signed up for every canvass shift I can between now and Nov. 6, including every shift between Nov. 1 and the polls closing on Nov. 6.  Want to join this effort to help guarantee the re-election of Barack Obama?  Get thee to Nevada or Colorado or Pennsylvania or Florida.  Or come join us in Ohio to help GOTV (Get Out The Vote).

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