Saturday, November 03, 2012

Fighting Voter Suppression One Door At A Time

This is how voter suppression works in Ohio. Take the most populated ward, with the weakest turn out and then reduce the number of precincts and place each precinct's voting location in one school. Instead of 1400 people at a polling location there will be over 4500.

There is early voting at the Board
Of Election today through Monday. We here there's a giant traffic jam and folks are standing in line, patiently, for an hour or more.

This is a good thing. This weekend, Monday & Tuesday we are visiting everyone who has yet to vote 6 times to make sure they understand they can vote and where to do it. That's how we fight voter suppression one door, one voter, at a time.

The photo is of two canvassers just back from a cold, rainy day of door knocking.

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  1. Kick ass. I mean that as both a compound adjective and as an imperative.

    Keep on keeping on.


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