Monday, January 20, 2014

Honor the Waters Vigil, January 21, Akron OH

Japanese Lantern Ceremony Forest Hills Cemetery
Join me tomorrow to Honor the Waters Candlelight Vigil, in solidarity with the people of West Virginia and my friends at the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition.  I will be at the bottom of N. Maple St., on the Towpath Trail by the Little Cuyahoga River in Akron, OH.  Bring a candle.

When: January 21
Where: Towpath Trail, N. Maple St.
Time: 6 p.m.
Bring a candle and your favorite poem about water.

The water disaster in West Virginia could happen to any of us who depend on a river or public body of water for our water supply.  Some version of it is probably happening every day to those of us who live near fracking, coal mining, oil refining, and chemical processing.  Oops, that would be almost all of us.

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  1. HI friend! Please take photos tonight if you can and email them TONIGHT to . We'd love to see them and help share them with everyone!! Thank you so much for doing this


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