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Default - noun the defendant has made no appearance in the case and is in default you can enter your own settings or use the defaults which font is the default in that puter program verb if the borrower defaults the bank can take the house the program defaults to a standard font default definition failure to act inaction or neglect they lost their best client by sheer default see more de 183 fault d f 244 lt n 1 failure to perform a task or fulfill an obligation especially failure to meet a financial obligation in default on a loan 2 law failure of a party in a case to make a required court appearance 3 the failure of one or more petitors or teams to participate in a contest won the ch ionship by default span class news dt apr 11 2019 span nbsp 0183 32 default is the failure to repay a debt including interest or principal on a loan or security a default can occur when a borrower is unable to make timely.

payments misses payments or avoids or default may refer to law default law the failure to do something required by law default finance failure to satisfy the terms of a loan obligation or failure to pay back a loan default judgment is a binding judgment in favor of either party based on some failure to take action by the other party default rule in legal theory is a rule of law that can be overridden by a contract definition of default failure to fulfil an obligation especially to repay a loan or appear in a law court a preselected option adopted by a puter p sometimes this was brilliant beyond words including a certain youthful monte cristo who on fridays expended thirty cents on a round trip ticket and traveled from wareham to riverboro merely to be near huldah sometimes too the circle was reduced to the popcorn and peanut boy of the train who seemed to serve every purpose in default.

of better game default an omission a failure to do that which is anticipated expected or required in a given situation default is distinguishable from negligence in that it does not involve carelessness or imprudence with respect to the discharge of a duty or obligation but rather the intentional omission or nonperformance of a duty to default on a debt is to fail to pay it upon its due date you may also leave feedback directly on github liquid error can t find the localized string givedocumentationfeedback for template conceptual